Hanging book display

Megan originally created this new bookshelf design for a contest. It has since become a humongous hit! We love it too! Check out her site for the detailed instructions on how to make your own. penny carnival

New Chair

Kendall either has a rat problem or some hidden anger issues that she like to take out on chairs. Since we are certain the first is the real issue we thought you would like to see what magic she can do with whatever the rats leave behind.

Great work Kendall. Visit her site to see more of her creativity! kindalls creations

Goodwill Lamp Makeover

Shannon does design, its who she is. Even her blog is called akadesign and to prove to you she knows what shes doing look at what she can do with just a simple $2.50 lamp from a thrift store!

Old sewing table to kitchen island

Hanna is very creative! She was in need of a bit more counter space in her kitchen, so what does a creative person like Hanna do? She makes space! She says "This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house. I made it out of an old sewing machine table, purchased at the DI for $6.00...One of my favorite things about the table. It has a secret compartment on top, where I store all of the sharp knifes in my house. Isn't it FAB?" We certainly think so Hanna great work! gorgfabgoodies

Christmas on a dime

Hilary sent in this great recycled magazine project! she says "I call it Christmas on a dime! I got the idea off of the Martha Steward website and decided to try it out. It only took an hour and a half to fold and prep my magazine for paint! My friend and I did it together! It's a great way to spend time decorating with friends for the holidays! The totally project cost 4.00 for the spray paint and the glitter! I am really excited about displaying my glitter tree for the holidays!" Hilary sure sounds excited about her tree and the holidays! We hope you are too!

"T" is for Turkey

Thanksgiving is only 2 day away! Are you ready? Well Jaime has provided this last minute food craft to make sure your centerpiece is full of flavor this holiday. What a fun way to spend the holidays with your kids. Head on over to her place thats my letter and see the step by step, and then head back here and send in your thanksgiving day creations!

Christmas tree

Hannah has an awesome tutorial on how to make a very simple Christmas tree from scrap wood and paper. We hope you can find time to try the project yourself and that it gets you in the holiday spirit! To see the tutorial in full head on over to young an crafty


Kat has an amazing talent of turning used building materials into something new and useful. Just look at what she did with these parts and pieces! See more of her work @ design spunk

Mirror to Serving Tray

We have seen alot of old mirrors turned into chalkboards to hang on the wall. But never one quite like this. Yes it hangs on the wall but it doesn't end there. The mirror really finds its usefulness when you use it like a serving tray. Great job Michael from inspiredbycharm

Desk and Mirrors

Sometimes a project involves more than one piece, as was the case for Mandi. She picked up this classic looking desk for only $5 and collected several frames. With a ton of hard work and a new acid glazing technique she came up with this wonderful finished project! Each piece is unique and together they form one awesome project! Keep up the great work Mandi! See how she did it @ vintage revivals

Vintage Book Planter

Lindy was inspired by what some other people had turned old books into. She found that you could use them to make everything including photo frames, but she wanted something different, something that gave new life to something old. What better way than to add a plant! Great idea Lindy, we can't wait to try this ourselves! keep up the great work. Cottage Hill

Storage Bench

Kammy is in the business of buying old beat up furniture, redoing them and turning a profit on Craigslist. She says "The thing with redoing furniture is you always have lots of stuff to choose from if you get tired of what's in your house!  I found the bench in Goodwill for $15.  About 5 times more than I like to pay for furniture!  But I haven't come across very many of these, so I snatched it up."

Copper Pumpkin

Suesan came up with this awesome project just in time for the Halloween weekend. Hurry you still have time to gather the materials and get yours made before the big day! With just a few common supplies you can make your own for under $6! See exactly how at Frou-FruGal


Damask Dresser

Ann Marie has made an awesome tutorial on how to use a projector to transfer a design to a wall or a piece of furniture. Just look at the great job she did with this dresser! But wait theres more, not only does she tell you how to do it, shes giving away a brand new projector so that you CAN do it! Just go to her page and enter the Giveaway. Oh and don't forget to tell her we sent you! twice lovely

Office chair

Laura said that "Luckily we inherited a much nicer office chair so this one is just back-up, not really necessary.  I figured since it was free and is spare I could play around with it." And she did just that, we wonder is she was surprised with the outcome as we were ! Awesome job Laura! She just how she did it at her place laura thoughts

Recycled Phone Book

When we first got word of this project we were quite intrigued. What could someone possible recycle a Phone book into? Other than using it as a stool, a car booster seat, or a fire starter we could think of no other use. Leave it up to the awesomely creative people at chica and jo to make a fun and useful project that anyone can do. We can't wait to try it ourselves! Any one else have a re-use for old phone books? Be sure to send it in!

Second Chance Window

Christina salvaged this old window she got at a yard sale for only $2. Even though her husband told her "You have never brought anything more disgusting into our house" She couldn't pass up the offer. Just look what a little TLC can do and then see more of the process at christina's adventures

Phone Chair

Andy writes " Here she is in her sad sorry state, even a little more worse for the wear after our flood last march than when I originally dragged her home from the side of the road a year or so ago.  But I LOVED her shape, and knew she had potential."
"Some new fabric, a little makeover all around, and I am in LOVE with this seat now. "

See more at her blog shoe obsessed one

Writers Desk

Kate scored this awesome writers desk and chair for $20 off craigslist. Looks like she really put her man to work on this one! What a differnce they made! Check out her site to see every detailed step by step. Weekend Charm

Bathroom Stripes

Cassie says "I had a wild hair to paint stripes, so I did. I thought the cabinets would look better dark, so I painted those. One thing led to another, and several months later I have a completely 'new' bathroom." read more about every detail of her project at Hi Sugerplum

Mid Century Ranch Staging

I think the pictures speak for themselves this time! WOW! 

 See more of this amazing cleanup job over at Hooked on Houses

Closet Makeover

Angela spent a few hours on this closet makeover. It was full of all sorts of items from her daughter and after a sweet freebee score she had just what she needed for this awesome transformation. Great work, I feel much more at ease just by looking at the after more organized photos! unexpected elegance

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