Embossed Cheese Dome Cloche

Check out this cool project idea! Be sure and see her site for the step by step! froufrugal

Old Shutters

Michell says "I've always wanted to make my own headboard! So when I found some old shutters at the Habitat Store....I KNEW exactly what I wanted to do with them! "
What a great idea! A true Ugly then Pretty project. Great work Michell! She details on how she did it @ girlinair


Holly fell instantly in love with this bench the first time she saw it. Saying "I thought it was pretty unique, I haven't seen too many like this one. Normally they just have legs, no arms or handles or whatever you want to call it! " and with a little paint and fabric. A brand new BEAUTY! see more at her place chicandlovely

Tall Antique Dresser

Penny Wenny did a great job on this dresser redo! It only lacks a small important piece, and she needs your help deciding how to solve the problem. Head on over to her place and see if you can spot it and lend her a hand! littlemisspennywenny

Please excuse our absence!

Apperantly for the past few weeks no new posts have been going live on the site. We were posting, we just never realized that something had changed with our host and so nothing made it live! We are extremely sorry if your UglythenPretty didnt make it to the site. We are working to correct the issue and hope to have it resolved soon! thanks for your patience and keep sending in those great projects!

Not Another Window

Its been quite awhile since we have seen an original idea for those old windows. But finally someone came up with a new take on the old idea of re-purposing them.  Liz Marie used a vinyl wall art sticker and simply placed it on the window. Simple hu? Yeah we know but it really makes it a stand out piece, and something we have yet to see. Great job Liz! See more of her window at Liz Marie

B is for bins

Jaime was in need of a quick valentines day decoration, but we think they will work well for all times of the year. Jaime took some old storage bins once used only for Christmas and transformed them for the next upcoming holiday. Great job! See exactly how she did it over at her place thats my letter . She even gives a tutorial on how to make those cool puffy flowers!

Chew Toy to Chair

 Nicole scored this awesome chair for free! She says it was previously used as a cigarette tray and a dog's chew toy.  Luckily she saw the great potential in the chair and put it to a more suitable use. See how she did it Here

White Side Table

Erin knew she needed a new side table for her nursery . So what did she do? Well... "One day after work last Spring I dropped in the Goodwill at my school and stumbled across this cute little table for $9.99. Oh, did I mention it was a 50% off day? Yep, I bought this little beauty for $4.99 plus tax."
 Great work Erin and Congrats on the baby! See more at her place thatsloverly

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