Night stand

Kim turned this very simple, beat up night stand into something new, clean and beautiful. Kim said "I realized it had a lot of issues. There was a huge circular ring mark on the top. The thin veneer was popping off in many places. Missing completely in others. BSD glued up what he could, but it was still in bad shape. It sat in the garage for weeks. Maybe months. I considered sending it back to the curb. But I decided to go ahead and just paint it to see what would happen."

"She's definitely not perfect, but she sure is cute! That blue paint is just so happy. 

I was most excited by how cool the handle cleaned up. We were convinced it was brass. If so, I was going to spray paint it silver. BSD took his dremel tool to it, rubbed it with some kind of compound, and when he brought it back to me. Perfection! Satiny and matte.  Just the finish I was after." Check out her awesome blog for more makeovers!
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